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Pixels getting stuck on or changing different colors than what is set

Daryl Hurd

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I am using the latest version of LOR. I am using San Devices ELOR's to send DMX out to dumb and smart pixels on different universes. When I run some of my sequences, certain pixels get stuck on a color and do not change until another command is sent to that pixel. I had thought it was a bad pixel, but when I replace it, the same pixel spot still has the same issue.

It does not happen with every sequence. I have checked the sequence for some hidden control or track but none is there.

In another sequence, when I change a range of pixels to the same color, out of 20 pixels, 2-4 pixels change to a different color than the sequence calls for. It is consistent within the whole sequence. I have checked to make sure that channels are set correctly for those pixels.

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There was a firmware update to the ELOR at some point, you might want to make sure you are using the newest firmware. That was a known problem with the ELOR early on, not positive it ever got totally fixed.

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Could be a great deal of things happening here.

1) Firmware on the ELOR.

2) Your sequence has too much going on for a standard LOR network to keep up thus leaving the light pixels.

3) To your pixels might be a bad data connection

4) Your sequence again might have those pixels as on in a sub sequence or just too dim for you to see in the Sequence Editor.

If I had to take a stab in the dark you are either overlapping channels or you just have too much going on for the 485 protocol to keep up or your channels are just not properly assigned.

Do the color changes take place properly in the Visualizer? As well your 100% sure on the universes, controllers on the DMX have the proper channels setup, as well the pixels are the lenght you think they are? You dont have a null pixel setup somewhere in the SansDevice? There are a million reasons this could be happening, 99% of them will be human error.

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