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Is there a way to copy a seqence

James Stroud

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I have the harddrive out of the computer i used to do sequences on. The problem im having is it will not let me make any changes in the program because its not in the same computer. is there any way to get around this. Any and all help will be appericated.

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Are you loading the {I'm presuming S2} sequences from the older hard drive into the newer S3 SE? As that should work, but if you're trying to load a newer S3 sequence into an S2 SE, that will not work and will generate an error. S3 is backward compatible with loading S2 sequence files and when saved will upgrade them to S3 sequence files.

However sequence files created with an S3 version of the SE ARE NOT backward compatible with S2 sequence files, and will not work or load into the older S2 SE program.

But I'm not really sure because you say you can't make changes, so it sounds like you get them loaded in{?}, but can't change anything in them.

You didn't create your sequences and then export them as "Protected" did you?

That could be your problem if you used the "Export as Protected" instead of just saving the sequence, because then you wouldn't be able to make any changes to a Protected sequence.

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When I copy the sequance file from the old computer hard drive and put it on the laptop it will bring up and play the sequence but I need to make some changes but when i try to cut,copy it comes up with a error (Data from an encrypted sequence cannot be copied except on the sequences origination computer.) Which I dont have all I have is the hard Drive.

No I never saved them as protected. What I dont understand is it will let you erase the sequencing it will let you put new sequencing in it just wont let you cut and past or copy and past.

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