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Newbie looking for some help

jo claes

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Hello everybody,

First of all I want to appologize for my bad english speaking and writing, but I'll do my very best to make as less mistakes as possible.

I'm Jo and live in Belgium, I just discovered the LOR system and have 3 controllers ordered in october. So at this very moment I'm working on my display and on some sequences.

As a newbie I think everything will work out fine, but I've only a few songs done yet and I'm looking for a sequences of "An angel came down" by TSO I do like that song so much. Of cours any other sequence is welcome.

My set up at this moment is

4 leaping arches each with 7 channels

1 not so big mega tree with 8 channels

1 fire stick or pole with 6 channels

and 5 windows each with 1 channel

here ar some links off my very first attemps to sequence a few songs

any comment on these sequences would greatly be appreciate ands can be sent to jo@dedijk.be

looking out for any comments

very best regards


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