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Tip to make filming display easier


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Good evening all,

I've been dying to go out and get video of my display but discovered that its a little more difficult to do thanks to my boys deciding they no longer want to go to bed at a decent time. I wanted to be able to be outside and choose select songs and have time to setup the camera and all and found that wasn't easy during Halloween. So here's my solution and it will probably make it a lot easier for many of us as well.

Using my iPad and an app/program called Splashtop, I can be outside and use my iPad to open whatever sequence I want and be completely prepared for photos and video. There are other options out there like go to my PC or other remote applications that will work. I played with it a bit here tonight and it worked flawlessly.

I can set up outside, get the camera ready for photos and choose my THX opening where everything fades up and use that for a few pictures of the whole display. Then when that's done, I can close that sequence and open whichever one I want to video, and have the camera all ready to go there as well. I won't need a radio or outdoor speakers for the audio track before editing because the sound will also come from the iPad.

I think that all made sense, but here it is in step form:

1. Download app


2. Install splashtop streamer from here: http://www.splashtop.com/home

3. Register an account

4. Launch app and login on pc.

5. Control pc with iPad (you see your desktop screen on the iPad just as if you're at the computer)

6. Select sequence and play

7. Get your video and photos

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7


There's a screenshot of the app finding my pc.

I don't know if this is something that may help everyone, but if you have a bunch of sequences you want video of, this may be a great/easy solution.

Being this is my first year, this may have already been discovered, but if not, I hope this helps some of you out. There's android versions too.


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