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600 snow tubes – a drive thru


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Amazing. I may have to steal that for my sidewalk leading to my front door. Wife wanted arches over the sidewalk next year, but I think she'd love this.

I would like to do the same but if outright purchasing them, it's going to cost a bunch.

I would like to see a DIY version and see what it might cost.

I'm hoping Glenn might be using a DIY version here and would be curious of the cost if so.

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That is awesome Glenn.

Did you purchase the snow tubes or build them?

I love the effect.

Thanks all. These are Minleon tubes. They have always been consistent in performance and reliability. I have deployed over 1,000 of these.

The good -

- Power ON, all tubes drop. Great for animation.

- Power ON for 15-30 seconds, they all randomize

- Direct connect AC 110V

- All SPT1 wiring

- Rain and temperature tested, no issues

- They are available through Reinders (very reliable distributor)

The bad - I have not found any issues with these tubes, that's why I keeping using them.

The youtube videos are hilarious. The videos are all G rated until they make this left turn. The effect is shocking in person.

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