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Linda Hadden

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I want to buy a cheap computer just to run my LOR 32 Channels from our garage.

What is the minimum memory size etc that I need?

Please reply in dummy format as I havent a clue, I am just an old accountant confused.gif


Linda (UK)

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The following is from the LOR FAQs:

What are the minimum PC requirements?
400 MHz or faster CPU

Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP

20 MB free disk space

128 MB RAM

One serial port or a USB to serial port adapter (adapter is available from LOR)

You will NOT need to install any hardware in your PC.

I do believe that you will need Windows 98SE or above when LOR IIis released. I think it was posted somewhere earlier that Windows 98 would not work for LOR II due to the Windows Media Player version.

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wow my old win 98 se just squeeks by...

400 mhz,

160 mb ram (32 original, 128 added) (if nessasary to run lor 2, I have a 64 meg ill stuff in to put it at 192 mb ram)

30 gh hard drive.

I have better computers, but I dont care if this oen is in the garage, its power efficient too.

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