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Gen 3 Controller Compatible with S2 Software?

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I've just added two new "third generation" CTB16PC controllers to my existing LOR network, but I'm still using the S2 software.

I can control the lights attached to the new controllers with the hardware utility (On, Off, Shimmer, etc.), but NOT with the sequence editor. When I try to play the show from the sequence editor, the lights attached to the "old" controllers work, but the lights attached to the new controllers don't.

Are there any known compatibility issues with Gen 3 controllers and S2 software? Given that I can control the lights with the hardware utility but not with the sequence editor makes me sure this isn't a connection/cabling issue.

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Sounds like a licensing issue. What license level are you running? What are the addresses of the controllers you are attempting to control via the SE?

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The only gap with gen3 controllers on S2 is the hardware utility will see them as unknown devices.

I agree sounds like a license level issue. For example, basic will only talk to controllers with ID numbers 1 & 2. So units 3 & 4 would stay dark.

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Since you didn't give us the number of controllers or your license level, we cvan only guess, but I do believe Don is correct and this is more than likely a licensing issue, where your current license doesn't support the number of controllers you have.

Since the HWU only controls one controller at a time, it will actually turn on the lights on the controllers you aren't licensed for, but the SE WILL NOT. And this is where it sounds like you problem is stemming from.

Basic Plus will only control a maximum of 4 controllers, if you have more than 4 controllers you need the "Standard License", once you pass 8 controllers, Advanced License" would be required. Anything less than Standard won't control the lights if using over 4 controllers.

I'd actually recommend upgrading to the Advanced License as it is unlimited in the number of controllers you can have or add as you progress along, especially as you add more controllers as you go.

This page will tell you how many controllers each license level allows, along with the features that are enabled or disabled in each:


Scroll down about half way or so where it shows all the details to know what your current license will support.

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Thanks a lot folks! You're right on the licencing issue -- I was using the Basic license with two controllers, so the new controllers put me over the limit.

Now I'm confused about the license upgrade... My S2 license is more than a year old, and I want to upgrade to Basic-plus (I'm fine staying with S2 if that's possible). If I just buy the upgrade will that do what I need? Or do I need to purchase a license renewal first and then the upgrade to Basic+? The latter would put me at S3 which is OK -- just not necessary if I can avoid the expense.


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Generally speaking -

If you want to upgrade (from basic to basic plus) you would go the "Upgrade" route.

If you want to keep the same license level (basic) but wanted to run a later version (say 3.6.0) then you would "Renew"

In your case, you would only need to purchase the 'Upgrade' to Basic-Plus. It will make you eligible to run S3, but it doesn't mean you have to. Your license would be good up to the dates/levels mentioned on your license. It doesn't mean you *have* to run the latest version, only that you have the ability to run that version if you choose to do so.

Purchasing the Upgrade will renew your license for one year. No need to purchase a renewal and an upgrade.

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Personally I'd strongly suggest going ahead and spending the extra for the Advanced License, it will open a few more options to you that Basic+ won't.

Plus as your display grows, you won't have to pay again for another upgrade.

In the 3 years I've been doing this I purchased Basic+ outright and then within a couple months, I went to the Advanced License. I have only had to renew{upgrade} my license once in 3 years and that was only because I "wanted" to run S3, otherwise I could have stayed with S2 and kept my current Advanced Licesne.

Most here will probably agree that Advanced is the way to go, then you don't have to worry about number of controllers or missing out on some options in the LOR Suite that may only be available in the Advanced License. And seems many folks tend to need the Advanced once they really start getting further and further into being more advanced sequencing.

Just a suggestion, but by all means, do what your finances will allow you at the time.

Best of Luck to you on your endeveours.

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