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My check list


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After a good Halloween time with my very first time with 3 singing pumpkin faces, now is time for Christmas lights.

Check list:

Extension cords. Checked.

White rope lights. Checked.

Color rope lights. Checked.

Downloaded sequences. Checked

LOR firmware updates. Checked

Power requires. Checked

Signal from PC to LOR controllers. Checked

Weather. Checked

Bucket truck to install lights on my house. UNCHECKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Yes, I'm in need of a bucket truck to install the upper/higher lights on my house, the problem: I don't have enough time and MONEY to rent one or hire a tree company to come to my house this year but I'm still having couple of day to solve this little problem. I can't use a ladder.

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Maybe you could PM all the LOR decorators in both North and South Carolina and ask them for advice. You might even find one or two who'll offer to come and help you with it if you'll feed them - wouldn't surprise me... I know William Bottomley has access to all sorts of stuff.

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