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Ready to go with 2 days to spare !


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Well the display is all set up and the songs are ready and the show is programmed for startup on Saturday night.

Not bad considering that I didn't decide to go ahead and put the thing up this year till 3 days before Thanksgiving! :D

But all seems good and has been tested and run to make sure it goes smoothly.

Only thing I am tinkering with now is a D-Link DCS-5300 camera that I have mounted on my roof. I want to do streaming video to my web site page but can't seem to get things to work. Haven't spent much time yet with it but hopefully I can get it working.

Anybody who is using streaming video have any suggestions for an old guy on how to get the thing to stream to a web page?

Oh and happy holidays to all and good luck with your shows.



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Thanks Charlie.

I have tried all three but with no luck so far. Justin TV has been the best so far but it does not find my camera. It just says "Connecting to camera at

IP: which is the address on my home network that the camera is located on.

I tried Webcamxp and it shows the camera in the monitor and even tries to push the signal to my webpage but something is getting lost or else my router is blocking it.

Damn, I wish I knew more about routers and port forwarding and such. I reallyp would like to get this stgreaming!

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