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Thunderstorm last night and 1 out of 5 no longer found found fix

David McCullough

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FYI for those that may have run across this. I started my show 2 nights ago with 5 controllers going. I gave 1 to each of my neighboors on each side and a radio unit so I ould controll all 3 homes and also transmit the music. Last night a thurderstorm came through and the main unit in my yard quit working. It has a transciever on it and CAT 5 wired to another. All of the others are working fine even the one hard wired to it was still getting the signals. The red light was solid. I checked the fuses and all was well. I removed the transceiver and the hardwire to the other controller and then tried the resetting procedure: by powering down , removing the jumper and putting power back on for a few seconds. Putting the jumper back and repowering. I plugged the unit directly into a laptop with the converter I carried out into the yard and ran the hardware software. It never would find any units and it kept saying 0 units found. I had this unit programmed as unit 2. Just to see what would happen I went ahead and put the CHANGE UNIT ID in the old unit to ANY UNIT then changed the NEW UNIT to 02. Hit the CHANGE UNIT ID BUTTON and the message popped up UNIT ID CHANGED.

Connected the transceiver up and the CAT5 going to the other unit. It worked!

The only thing I can think of that may have happened is lightning caused the unit number to go higher than I had the Max Unit ID set to find. (I had it to find 10 units to save time. ) So to those of you that may experince this I suggest setting the MAX UNIT ID to max and running the hardware detection to see if it finds it.Even if it doesn't disconnect all other units and hardware just the controller that is not working to the pc and reset ALL UNITS to the number you want. Beacuse it is the only one connected and you are hardwired to it you may get it running again.... Make sure you have all the others disconnected from this one and the transcievers disconnected from it as well.

Thought this may help others...

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