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Our first year LOR 16-channel display


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Wow. First, let me say that the videos posted here are amazing...and make me feel quite inadequate with our little show. We don't have much house/yard space, so we've packed all 16-channels into a small area. Also, no cosmic color ribbons or color-changing LEDs. We're strictly LEDs and some incandescents.

With that said, I have been having a blast creating sequences and have 28 so far in about 6 weeks of having the software, and had to tell myself to stop before I kept going. Over an hour now of different stuff, most holiday, some not. In fact, the first two videos to post here are non-holiday. Please take a look and let me know what you think. I realize I can't compare to most here, but I'm still proud of what we have so far.

(Note you can view HD versions by choosing the quality link in the YouTube player or on the site.)

The first is one of our intros to start each 20 minute show.


The second is the song that was stuck in my head while I was considering going to LOR, and was the first sequence I completed.


Comments welcome, here and on YouTube.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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