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LOR interferes with X10 system


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LOR hardware/software seems to be interfering with my home X10 system! I have an X10 system that runs year round controlling various lights around the house. I have no X10 controllers on my LOR system. The X10 system runs from a dedicated X10 controller..not a computer. When I ran my Halloween show this year my house lights started going on and off at the wrong times. Usually 30 to 60 min early. At first I thought the X10 controller backup batteries might be bad so I replaced them..no help. After Halloween the problem went away. The second day after my Christmas show started the same thing happened. The LOR start time is correct because the X10 lights come on before the LOR starts, but the X10 controlled house lights go off about an hour or so early. The computer that runs my LOR show is on a dedicated circuit and fed thru an ups. Tonight I think I will turn back on some of the lights that have gone off early and see if the X10 turns them off at the correct time.


Bob Chrisp

Martinsburg WV

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So you dont have a CM11A controller anywhere in your system ..

In the LOR Network you dont have any config for X10 ...

Since I use X10 in my display (controlled via LOR and a CM11A) I was curious about this post ...

But I have to admit I am thrown ..

Since X10 works over the power lines, you might be getting some noise over the house wiring that is causing false signal triggers

Do you have an X10 bridge (cross over from one leg to the other so X10 can communicate on both sides of the 220 coming in)?

I have 4 X10 Appliance modules in my display and last night a big storm was comming so I performed a graceful shutdown on the show before it hit. 3 of the 4 modules shut down without issue .. one would not shut down until I went and got it, plugged in closer to the CM11A and sent an OFF signal .. Crazy ... now its working fine ..


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