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S3 Audio Slow


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I wish all I had to do for supper is to play slow audio. Usually, Sharon makes me set and clear the table...

I think most of us expect slow play at half speed. I can't speak for others, but for me anyway, that's the whole point of using half speed.

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Could be issues with the audio file, especially if it's variable bitrate mp3.

Could be issues with Vista, agruably the worst POS software Microsoft ever foisted on the public.

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I can obviously assume you've not tried WinAte yet. You'll long for the days of Vista!

I'm sure some will argue my opinion, but I'll state it nonetheless. It seems like every other Windows release completely sucks, with the ones in between reasonably well-done. My hypothesis below...

Win 3.0 sucked

Win 3.1 pretty good

Win 95 sucked

Win 98 solid

Win Me sucked

Win XP solid

Win Vista sucked

Win 7 solid

No comment on Win 8, as I haven't used it yet. Based upon my hypothesis, I'm waiting for Win9. :)

As for the OP's question, I don't have any problems on my XP or Win7 machines.

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