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Controlling Pandora or Media player for static lights and music?

christmas chris

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I'm setup with an FM transmitter, and outdoor speakers. I would like to broadcast Pandora or my own collection of Christmas music during the day, and have light o rama take over during the show. Anyone have any ideas on how to or if possible?

For sequencing, it only lets you select one track....so for now I used Audacity to splice an hours worth of music with my intro and have the lights steady on for the duration. But would rather have more variety of music playing.

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I'm using Zara Radio for this. It works well. I was able to set it up so that it starts after the show goes quiet and stops just before the show starts in the evening.

Here is a thread with some info about Zara Radio. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/23576-zara-radio/


BTW, you can download Zara Radio free.

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