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Trouble with computer finding the controller


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I purchased a 16 channel light controller a couple of years

ago however I am having issues and I hope you can lead me in the right


1) the hardware is not seeing the unit. I've refreshed and the computer and controller are not seeing each other.

I've used two different cables plugged and unplugged the unit. the light is on solid - and #2 is always hot.

2) I did have it working for a time - however #2 was hot at all times and the

controller had no control over that channel. So I unplugged the controller and now the computer cannot find it.

I am using (1) 16 channel box and a desk top computer with a usb485s adapter - the hardware utility is not seeing any of it.

I have the correct comm port - and it was all working except - As I was trying to figure out why the #2 was hot and unplugged the unit

then the problem began and i'm and my wits end

Please help direct me in the correct direction.

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