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My Hanukkah Display 2012


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It's that time once again for the Herman Festival of Lights.

It's my second year with Animated Lights, my third with lights in general. This year I am at 7000+ Lights and 42 animation channels, a 20' Menorah, a spinning dreidel, and an 11' bear. From Gangdam Style to Candlelight this years show is an eclectic trip through our music tastes.

New this year:

  • 2 new 16ch LOR boxes, 3 total.
  • 1500 LED Menorah 18' by 9', MiTS presale lights
  • 1500 LED Roof line made up of Gold, Blue, & White LEDs zip tied together, MiTS presale lights
  • 600+ LED 6 section main tree
  • 100 Purple & 100 Pink LEDs in the Trellises for my little girl.
  • 5 Snowflakes, Target 1/2 off last year after xmas
  • 3' Drediel with 100 lights, 1/2 off at Bed, Bath, & Beyond last year after hanukkah
  • 100 Blue LED x 3 hedge, Target 1/2 off last year after xmas, replaced incandescents
  • Cut internal light wires to the bear and rewired them to a show circut.
  • 1km of SPT-2 & 100 plugs, WLC Ventures, they are great, fast shipping.
  • External Speaker powered by old JBL Creature Speaker Amp, now people can hear the music driving by.

First Video, Gangnam Style

Other videos to follow soon.

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Happy Hanukkah Brad. Honestly kind of on the fence with the Menorah but props for the creativity with it. Hope you have a wonderful one this year for you and yours. I finished my Candlelight sequence...well kinda but it's show worthy imo got some things to work on for next year but here it is.



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