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Need Some Help with Show


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Finally got everything completed this afternoon, tested all of the controllers for communication, tested each channel, light fixture and prop that each controller is handling everthing tested fine.

Now the problem, I am using 1602 with MP3 Director, and schduled my show through the Hardware Utility, saved to the SD Card and placed it in the Showtime MP3 Director Unit. The show started up at its scheduled time and all seemed well through the first few songs, then I get two or three songs that the music plays but no lights, in a couple other songs I get the music, a flash of random lights and then all goes dark yet the music keeps playing, then anouther song will start and runs fine.

I have the same channel configuration on every sequence, I don't understand why the lights are being controlled fine and songs play fine on some sequences, but then no lights and just music on other sequences.

I shut down the show and have gone back through all of my sequences but can't find anything different relative to channels or controllers between those that have no lights and those that play fine.

Any help sincerely appreciated.


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I'll try the reset button on the card, won't know if that fixes the problem until tomorrow at this point as the show was scheduled to shutdown at 9:30 tonight.

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Okay so I have tried the reset button on the director card, I've reformatted my SD Card and reinstalled the show several times and still randomly through the show all goes dark but the songs still play. If I reset the Director Card at the time the lights go out in a song, the show starts up again from the beginning then appears to function properly through several songs then I go dark again and the music in the sequence continues to play. I have read the manuals several times to no avail. I can't get the show to play through its entirety without the lights going dark at some point, and it is never exactly the same song.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Thanks Mr Bottomly, I will try that next. I'm about ready to pull out what little hair I have left. This my first year i thought all was well the sequences all played well on the visualizer and I thought I worked the bugs out of the showtime Director when I ran my Halloween show this year. I only ran three controllers then and am running eight for Christmas.

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