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Power to my new Controller


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Well, I just received my LOR Starter package, and in an hour I was amazing the kids in living room with a strand of lights dancing from each of the 16 channels. A true testament to LOR quality...

As I read here, I realized how very important it is to have GFI plugs for the Controller. Since this year's load won't exceed any previous, I'll probably swap out two outlets in my garage that are on separate circuits with GFI outlets so I can get by this year.

I'm sure that for next year I"ll need to have setup some dedicated power for the controllers I plan to add. Can anyone suggest what I need to ask for from an electrician when I'm getting a estimate? I plan to place the controllers inthe garage.

Also, this seems to be a big topic though I only found info in the Christmas display section.

oh yeah, I've noticed things about calculating loads per channel. Does anyone know if there is a link to the topics that discuss that in more detail?

Possibly a separate forum folder for Electrical questions?

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When your electrician comes out (depending on where you put the service outlet), be sure to get a breaker box, outlets to plug into, and an upsize of the meter capacity/transformer servicing your home from the utility company (call them first to find out if you need to upgrade). All the power in the subdivision will not do you a bit of good if you pop fuses in the transformer because it is undersized.

There are several discussions about load calculator programs and links over on the PC forum.


In summary, you add up the amperage of the lights you are going to operate on your channels and make sure they do not exceed the capacity of your unit (compensate for each side of the controller - and allow yourself a good "fudge factor" - anywhere from 20% to 25% capacity).

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Wow, what a response. Feeling the LOR community love.... :D

Yes, calculating load gives me a starting point. While I'm sure I won't exceed the two 15 amp circuits I plan to use this year, I'll still get the practice on what I have this year.

I've had the bug for a few years, but it was only this last year someone had a 32 channel display for us to see in person, and my kids looked at me and said, "Can you do that Dad?" That sold my wife on the idea, and since I had been preparing (one of our old PC's has been waiting patiently in the garage) and gathering knowledge. I'm jazzed about this christmas.

Thanks for taking the time to assist me, and thanks in advance for the additional questions that I'll be asking this season! :D

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