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The maximum number of 9 fixtures with Duplicate channel assignments has bee


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xmas2012.leeI get this error when trying to import the visualizer file into Superstar to create an instant sequence.

This was my first attempt at using vusuializer.

I have 2 sets of lighted candy canes (8 candy canes on 1 circuit x 2). I created 16 candycanes from the symbol import tool.

Each candy cane is assigned to the same channel.

I must have dont something wrong, but here is the error:

The maximum number of 9 fixtures with Duplicate channel assignments has been exceeded.

Fixture [CC10 has the same channel assignments as Fixture [CC1].

However, Fixture [CC1] is already one of 9 duplicate fixtures.

Ficture [CC10] will be dark grey and will be inactive.


The fixtures are named the following:

CC1, CC2, CC3... through CC16,, could it just be an issue with the naming of the fixtures?

The fixtures work fine in the visualizer, I just get the error when importing in to Superstar

Thanks for any feedback

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Also I just notices in this same Visualizer file that when you import it into Superstar the Holdman Star Prop looses 2 of it channels? Any thoughts?

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Got the answer form the LOR Helpdesk on a Saturday! They ROCK! :D

Realize that the message you got was not an error, it is just informing you that you won't see all your canndy canes on the screen in SuperStar. You did nothing wrong in the Visualizer. You merely hit a limitation in the SuperStar software. As you say, Instant sequence will still work.

There is a way to get around the limitation in SuperStar of having no more than 8 fixtures with the same channel assigned. The way to avoid this limitation is to put all the candy canes into one fixture. The way to do this is not obvious, but here is how you do it.

1) Delete all your candy canes except for "CC1"

2) Draw a candy cane, and when you finish drawing it the "Assign to Fixture" dialog box will appear. Note that it says "Choose an existing fixture, or select 'New Fixture'" Click on the drop down box and select "CC1"

3) Click on "Ok" and now that candy cane will become part of the CC1 fixture

4) Save the visualization, import it into SuperStar and you should see all the candy canes and should no longer get the message about duplicate channel assignments.

As for the holdman star losing two of its channels, I took a look at the visualization and it is because you have all 3 channels assigned to "Holdman Star 1" and the color of all 3 channels is white. If you assigned a different color to each of the channels in the fixture it could use all the channels. But in your case, what you want to do is assign one channel to "Holdman Star 1", one channel to "Holdman Star 2" and one channel to "Holdman Star 3"

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