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Help with CCR

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I'm a newbee trying to get my first CCR program working. I get something I like in the Superstar program, export it out and then import that file into the Sequencer. Problem is, the program is not the one I see in the Superstar program (colors or lights!). What am i doing wrong?

Any guidance appreciated.

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Check that your CCRs are configured properly. Make sure they are in "normal" mode and not "legacy" mode. If they are in "legacy" mode the patterns will be garbled.

Use the hardware utility to configure the CCRs. There are some video tutorials on configuration. Go to www.lightorama.com and click on "support" at the top, then click on "video tutorials". The SuperStar tutorials are at the bottom. Look for the one titled "SuperStar CCR Configuration". The part that covers the actual configuration is at 8 minutes into the video.

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