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HW Utility finds Unit ID "0A", SE will not turn it on.


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Hey guys,

Hopefully I am doing something stupid but I didn't see anything related to this on the forums yet. Ran 8 Pro controllers last year no problems. Added two CCR's this year. Set the CCR's to Unit_ID 1 and 2. Changed our existing controllers with ID 1/2 to 9/0A. Hardware utility runs fine and finds the 10 devices with the correct ID's. I am able to turn everything off and on. In SE, I changed all the channels with Unit_ID 1/2 to now be 9/0A. I run my show and everything but controller 0A works.


Hard reboots of everything to clear out any bad data. No change.

Swapped Unit_ID's of two controllers and the problem followed the controller. The SE software does not seem to like anything above 9.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!!

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