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Using SuperStar Editor's Instant Sequence for Standard LOR Controllers


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I was working outside on the display and there was this car watching, He noticed me and yelled "Freebird", I yelled back, come back in 2 hours. knowing that its not going to happen but

that got me thinking, why can't I do a 9 minute sequence in 2 hours without it looking like a bunch of random blinking lights, Then it hit me..... Instant Sequence for the CCR's

I opened up SS Editor, created an instant sequence using nothing but "Star Bursts" "No Movement" and as Pink Floyd said, "Any Color You Liike" that doesn't matter here

what you might want to do is click on "Timing Map" and change the sensitvity to a 3, it's defaulted at 5. now generate

Take a look at the sequence, look for a good light pulse synched to the music, if not, change your sensitvity again

when it looks good on the SuperStar editor, now export.

Open LOR Sequence Editor and your newly created instant sequence (leave it open so you can tab between the 2)

now create a new musical sequence in LOR-SE and make sure you set the grid/timing to fixed and 0.05,

Go back to the SSE Instant Sequence, depending on how many CCR's you are licensed for click the first block on the "ribbon" that would have the most triggers and right click and "Select Row" and then

right click again and "copy"

Go to your blank LOR Sequence and left click the upper box in the grid and right click and "paste" you will see 50 "channels" triggered" which in the CCR world would be the Pixels

Play the sequence, look for the most aligned channel that was synched with the music, just like before, left click the channel you want, right click to "select row" and paste it in your 1st channel, you will move it later, Now "Turn Off" all the unused channels in your new standard sequence so nothing is activated, except the 1st channel

now go back to the SSE Instant Sequence Export on your first tab in LOR Editor and do the same thing all over this time picking a different "ribbon"

copy and paste again this time placing the 2nd ribbons location in the unused channel in your grid, again find the synched triggers with the audio

do this as many times as you like, remember look for the darker triggers, there are many 1/2 lit triggers too, that reflects the ramping/fading

It took me 90 minutes to do this, and all I did was this copy and paste, If I spent a few more hours on this it would have been even better, but I was on a deadline. and I don't even know if that guy came back

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