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DMX Cheap Power Supplies Causing UPS's in house to click


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I have 3 cheap chinese power supplies from Ray Wu powering my dumb rgb strips and rainbow floods.

I haven't yet figured out where exactly in my show (eg, I don't know if they are doing it at the same songs/timings yet), but during my show they cause the small UPS around the house to click on and off as though they are correcting for power issues.

Has anyone seen this before and/or does anyone know anything helpful about how these switching power supplies ramping their draw up and down rapidly might induce such a behavior on the UPS's? And if so, is it something to worry about or just something that UPS's will detect but nothing else is at risk?

A couple other data points.

The xmas show is fed off a dedicated sub-panel; but its fed from the same main panel where the circuits that power the UPS's are

It doesn't happen when I disconnect the DMX part of my show - so the problem isn't my 5 LOR controllers

There aren't any visible signs of electric disruption in the house - there isn't a dimming of lights or anything like that - so my guess is that there is just enough disruption in the sine wave or something that the sensitive UPS's detect it.

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