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Thankyou All


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As my show was running Thankgiving Night, I had a older lady come up my driveway saying sir do you do this I nervousley said yes relizing she was a neighbor. Her reply to me was OMG I have never seen anything like this thankyou very much, I also told her she could listen to it in her car she said she has it on as her husband was in the car and unableto get out. I asked her if she wanted help with him she said no due to his health I said enjoy.

All in all I want to thank every one here that has posted info that I read helping me build this display .I only have 32 channels with 10000 lights so it is small compared to some but hey its my first year.

Reading forums and learning=====time

buying lights =================money

buying controlers==============money

setting up ===================time


The smiles and tears of enjoyment of people watching the show ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS


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