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3 controllers not found, but have solid red LED?


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Hoping I am missing something easy here.

I have 80 controllers, all checked and all have solid red LED (controllers are all at least 3 years old, mix of PC and commercial boxes). Hardware utility can find the last box on the end of the chain, however 3 boxes in the middle of the chain are not located. They are not next to each other. They have power (red LED on) and at least as I understand it have functioning Cat5 since the red LED is solid, and they pass the signal through to the boxes "downstream" (and those downstream boxes function and control lights normally). The "missing" boxes cannot be controlled through hardware console.

I am running LOR software v3.1.2 if that matters.

I got myself into a jam here, having used all of my boxes in the display without saving any for urgent replacement like I have in past years :(.

Any thoughts?


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