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Gen3 input connector


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I ordered my first 2 LOR controllers recently, a pair of CTB16PCg3's. I also ordered a CTB16 Input Connector, as the description said that boards with the required 18-pin connector "includes later models of ... CTB16PC." I assumed that gen3 would count as a "later model."

But the g3 boards have a 20-pin connector, not 18, so apparently the Input Connector description is out of date.

So, is it possible to use the Input Connector on the 20-pin header?

If not, is there a 20-pin Input Connector I don't know about?

If not, what is a good way to attach a single switch to the input header on the gen3 board?

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Did you ever get an answer to this? 


In the fall of 2011 I bought 12 Gen3's and 4 CTB16s with motion sensors and never got around to setting them up with the fun and stress of getting a massive light show up and running.  It was kinda low on my list of things to do, you know?  But now, I'm trying to setup a rig to do some non-Christmas-y stuff and I find out its not going to work. 


It looks like the simplest way is to just use a basic switch on the line, but now that I've seen the PDFs of the new products I'd like to get one of those snazzy LED displays, etc.  Any one out there know of a follow-on "upgrade" for the CTB16?

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This is also posted on the input connector page



WARNING: If your controller does not have an 18 pin header then this connector will not work! Does not work on Gen3 devices

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