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is it naive to think i could run a light show with a mega tree without having an electrican in to increase my power supply? We have our lights up and connected. We are using 1 box currently with 16 channels. Lights all on for 3 hours last night with no issues. If we decided to put up the tree, it would take up the second box of 16 channels alone. I know there are a lot of factors that play in to it. How would you be able to determine something like this? The weber/mega tree was our fave part of my fathers display...we'd like to incorporate it if at all possible...short of tapping in to my neighbors supply ;) I know my father had extra electrical boxes added to the side of the eves on the house....we arent to that point of the addiction yet. Just trying to figure out what we can do on a smaller scale, by still getting maximum bang for our buck! Thanks!

(Sorry i dont know the technical names for all this electrical stuff! Newbie in that area too :/ )

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