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Correct Color with non CCR strips


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I know someone asked about the pink tone or flesh tone when you view the sequence in LOR sequence editor. Brian said on CCR's it would be correct, how ever for those of us using the DIY route will it show up as white or a pinkish color?

Red completely on

Green Intensity at 69%

Blue intensity at 60%

This would lead me to believe it would not display white on WS2811 strips and an E681?

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It depends on if your LEDs are "cool white" or "warm white".

If the LEDs are cool white, that is the same as the LEDs in CCRs and the colors will be true on the LEDs.

If the LEDs are warm white, then they may show up slightly pinkish but you will be hard pressed to notice it. If you connect any LED, including solid color LEDs, to a controller and use the hardware utility to change the intensity you will notice that the intensity of the LED does not change much until you get down below 50%. SuperStar takes this into account, so for instance, if you set 40% intensity in SuperStar, he sends a value of about 16 to the CCRs in order to get the intensity down to 40%. It ends up that 10% translates to a value of 1 being sent to the CCR, so that is as dim as they will go.

What I am driving at, is that a value of 69 to the LED is not 69%, it is really something like 85%. And 60 is something like 77%. So even if the LEDs are warm white, they will not look as pink as what you see in the Sequence Editor.

But if you want to "unbalance" the colors in SuperStar, then click on the Tools menu and select Configuration. Change the color mode from "balanced" to "Full Range". In "Full Range" mode the max value for red is still 100, but the max value for green is 120 and for blue it is 130. Whenever you want full green, set it to 120 and whenever you want full blue set it to 130 and then when you look at it in the Sequence Editor it will be white. And when you play it to you strips, it will send 100 to all 3 elements.

Also, if you are using a visualization, then there is a way of indicating to use "Full Range" for a particular fixture by putting "superstar ccb" in the comment for the fixture. When superstar sees "Superstar CCB" in the comment line, it uses the full range of values because CCBs use warm white LEDs. This is not yet documented but I put it in there in case people want to use it.

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Actually, I researched this some more, and if you are using a visualization and you use the CCR wizard to create a fixture for a CCR, CCB, or CCP. And that is when you would put "superstar ccb" or "superstar ccp" in the comment line to let superstar know it is a ccb or ccp and then it uses a "full range" dimming curve.

If you are defining DIY RGB lights in the visualizer, then you do not do it with the CCR wizard. And supestar will use "full range" for the RGB values because it is not a CCR. So if you import a visualization of your DIY lights, and you export a sequence with white in it, the Red, Green, and Blue values will all be 100.

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Wow, I think I just felt a breeze go over my head :)

Thanks for the response and clearing it.

I think I understand it now.

Now to go figure everything else out, I do not think they are warm white, they are WS2811 strips.


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