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HELP! Mobile Black Box FM Transmitter won't transmit

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Could be something with the power supply not getting enough juice to the radio. If the power supply is bad you should be able to find a replacement at best buy, frys or radio shack.

Maybe you flipped the "legal" switch to on by mistake :) *kidding, its the WHT that has the legal switch*

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Guest wbottomley

Hey all,

I am in a dire situation. I have the mobile black box transmitter and it is not transmitting. It was working great, then nothing. I have checked all of the cables, to include the 3.5mm cable and everything is good. Anyone have any ideas? Had this problem before? Quick fix? Thanks!


I suggest throwing it in the trash can. That's the only reasonable solution to the problem.

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I have one and have found out on a few occassion with low output it was in the computer. If you have not reboot the computer. Also the attenna can be off just enough to limit the distance and I mean just a fraction either in the hieght or a fraction left or right. They are a pain to get them to work then once you get it in it is great. It is the one piece I hate hooking up to the display.

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Hello my Christmas Lighting Family,

I am in a little better mood today but that's only because I was able to find a workable solution. While waiting on MBB to email me back, I went to a local electronics specialty store - possibly my new Saturday hang-out joint - and came up with a cleaver solution.

If anyone has this model, this may be a viable solution for you as well. The overall problem: the transmitter, transmits but only about 5 feet.

Initial solution: Buy an amplifier! The one I purchased was a 26db for $26. This one to be exact:

So using coaxial cable and a few connectors, connect the MBB to the input. I purchased 25’ of coaxial cable, connected it to the output and connected the antenna. I then ran the coaxial cable and antenna outside my house, mounted it on the roof, and now it’s transmitting about 100’.

Okay, it’s not ideal, but I’m putting trons out!

The long term solution, as defined by MBB in response to my email, “replace one or both of the transistors.” See below:

Here is the part number they gave me: Mitsubishi part# RD00HVS1

I am still searching for a good deal on this, but they don’t appear to be more than $4 ea. Guess it’s time to break out my soldering skills from years ago!

I hope this helps anyone else who has had, or may have, this problem. I will say that the support from MBB is horrible! I agree their product is one of the better ones, but as far as customer support goes, there is certainly room for improvement.

Thanks for all the help guys!

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