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Learned something new about the Xenon strobes today

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I'm running about 30 strobes in my display.

During my show test a couple days ago, I noticed a lamp in the living room with 5 bulbs (that has a dimmer switch and was on low), the bulbs would get pulses of brighter light. I then realized it did this only when my show had the strobes going. Incan lamp bulbs would pulse to a brighter light when the strobes outside kicked in. No other time during the show did this happen.

Originally, the circuit breaker for that controller running the strobes was plugged into an outlet that was wired towards the bottom of the main power panel. I rerouted the extension cord to an outlet where the circuit breaker is at the top of the main power panel. The problem went away.

I didn't realize xenon strobes had this effect on indoor house lights.

First time I experienced this.

Thought I would share this find.

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Yes it did it to my house as well even though I had put my entire show on a separate breaker box

I haven't tired putting them on separate breaker because they were all on one about 60 of them and their was about 30 or so on one spt cord I figure they were not getting enough power

I have no clue as to why this was happening

Someone said it was due to a surge of power being used but I have not used a surge suppressor that was recommended

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I haven't had that problem, but I am so disappointed in mine. I have 24 on one channel and I was expecting a big flash and the "WOW", all I got was, my quote, "Really? That's all? I've seen a single LED M6 put out more wow factor than that." To be honest, I didn't even notice them and I did the sequencing. I'm thinking that was about a $150 waste. Oh we'll, lesson learned. Next year ill put them in a big ball and hang them from the roof. Maybe 24 in a big ball will make some impact

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Ron, not all strobes are made the same. So, with great detail if you would. What strobes did you get? Led or Xeon bulb? And if the Xeon bulb, is it the "I" or "U" tube. Last year I got without thinking the "I" tube type and a few years earlier I got the "U" Tube. I also got a LED one as a test strobe.

First the LED gave more flash out of the top than the sides. But the pop was not as good as the Xeon tubes, either.

Ok so the "U" Xeon gave more pop, but it too was like the LED with most of the flash going out of the top of the strobe.

And the "i" tube, to me was almost as good the "u" tube, but for sure better than the LED strobe. This strobe to me gave more flash out of the sides. This works best for me when it is hung in my mega tree and pointing for the most part down from the C9 sockets.

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Sorry MP. I just got back to this one. I bought the Xenon U style. The gentleman on the website i think its diyledexpress.com, anyway he said the U style was brighter than the I style so thats what i bought.

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