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CCF Standalone Sequence/s Wanted

Alan Harvey

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Hi Everyone,

I purchased a pair of CCF's and the controller this summer and have only just got around to connect them to the Hardware utility and set them up.

Not much chance of merging them into my christmas show this year unfortunately...

I wonder if any of you guru's out there might have a standalone animation sequence or two for the CCF's that I can have a play with, so I can get my head around how they work and get an idea of the sequencing of them.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Hi Don,

Thanks for the link and info.

Strangely, I set up my CCF totally differently to the .las in the link, but it worked fine, I can see however by the settings in the file in the link that it might well be easier to program using that method.

I guess I am going to be playing with it a lot to get my head around it.


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