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Last night i ran 10 units (6 of which were CCR) off 1 network and everything worked, but some sequences were lagging. I have a 2nd 485 adapter and took the proper steps to get it it's own comm port assignment. When i go to the HW and select the 'regular' comm, it finds the 5 units and will play them when i control it from the SE. When i go to the HW and select the "other" comm, it finds the other 5 units. However it will NOT play those 5 when i try to control it from the SE. I've gone to the channel config and assigned 5 to the 'regular' unit and changed the "other" 5 to Aux A. In essence, all 10 units are found but only those on 'regular' network will play when i try playing in the SE. How do i tell the SE to play BOTH of the networks that are found?

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