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E1.31 Muticast questions (Wired NIC and Wireless NIC)


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I know this has been discussed (in length) several times but I just need some confirmation of how things work.. While not a complete novice to networking in general, I am a little vauge on multicasting. So here it goes.

From my show laptop (Dell Inspiron 1300.. yeah I know) .. I have 2 USB to serial adapters. One one adapter is my LOR dongle and on the other is my X10 CM11A controller.

From my onboard NIC i have it configured at connected directly to a J1Sys D2 at (default). I can get to the web page fine and since updating the firmware dont really have any issues with it directly.

I also have a wireless connection connected to my home network. Home network is a Belkin Wireless router connected to a Cradlepoint CTR35 ( I use this becasue I dont have intenet out here in the country and have a gradfathered Unlimited Data - data card through sprint to provide service.

I use the LOR Windows Commands in two sequences that go out and FTP to our website an update that tells visitors if the show is ON or OFF. When the show starts, the icon on the web page is updated to show ON, vice versa when the show ends.

Let me preface by saying that my internet connection is "less than stellar" by any means. However I have noticed that recently it has really gone down the tubes ..

I did add a persistent route to the laptop (as recommended by Kevin et.al.) mask GW Metric 5 mask GW Metric 30

I need to determine if there is traffic from DMX (J1Sys device) that is casuing my issues or is my internet connection just being hosed by Sprint. I will add that I am currently at about 3.5GB of usage so I dont think any throttling is occuring, but you never know with these guys anymore .. As I mentioned.. It is grandfathered unlimited and I have run 10 to 15 GB in some months without issues.

Any help, suggestions, or testing advice would be appreciated... I can download Wireshark or any of the other apps if needed to test .. I may need some help in knowing what Im looking for but I can do it ..

Thanks for the reading .. sorry of the long post ..


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Thanks for the link. In reading, it seems that I have done what they are suggesting in that my E1.31 network and Interent (Wireless) networks are on two seperate NIC's.

I will add that I went to my office today to download Wireshark and my internet connection there was actung JUST as bad.. It may be an area wide event but I wanted to first rule out that I was causing the issue.


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