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Keep lights on without pc?


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Sorry - I haven't used my 16 channel LOR box in a few years. I also now have a 5-year old and twin 3-year old kits. These last 2 sentences may or may not have anything to do with each-other :)

Anyway, taking it easy this year. Instead of lighting up the house, I'm just using my LOR box on the Xmas Tree. I currently have 3 colors (red/gree/blue) in 3 levels (bottom/middle/top), and a star at the top for 10 channels used.

I dunno the box model, but it's a 16 channel with a network cable coming out of it to a usb converter to my pc. Took a bit of playing, but got it to work.

SO, question: Is there a way I don't know to give an instruction like "all lights on" and have it stay that way even after I pull out the computer from the USB?

(sorry thought of this & I'm not home to try)

Some other quick unrelated questions:

No heavy song matching for me this year. I'm just going to do simple effects for each song/sequence & build a show around it. (one of just slow color changing dims, one that just flickers layers but shorter between the longer dimming ones...etc). Any advice or tips?

I'm using 2.9xxx - any special reason to upgrade to the newer version?

(going to be searching/reading the forums, but wanted to get a head start now - thanks for any help!)

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If your controller is a 1602W (one in a metal enclosure) you would be able to download an animation (no music) sequence to that controller.

If it is one of the DIY/PC controllers, you would need to get a Showtime Director or Mini-Director in order to run without a computer.

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You'll need to an mp3 mini director to do what you'd like (run standalone - that is unless as others said you have a pro model). Otherwise you'll need a computer to run the show (even if the show is just an animation of all lights on). Once you unplug, connection to the controllers is lost, and everything will shut off.

I have an mp3 mini director and it is a really nice little piece of gear. Very small and easy to use. You'll need to get a timer or something though, as the second it has power, it starts to run the sequences on the SD card that you put in it (which has your shows and audio on it).

This year I'm using a laptop to run the show inside, but I have the mp3 director as a backup in case the laptop fails or something.

Advice or tips for simple lights on animations - use cut and paste to great effect :) Create a chunk of lights (say 5 seconds of it) and then copy it, then use Edit > Paste Multiple and paste it 12 times for one minute of lights on. Then fade down/fade up into your next look. Using crossfades will make it look nicer - let the lights overlap a bit and replace each other. Looks nicer than all off then all back on again.

As for upgrading the software - my opinion is if you don't have issues, no need. If you find a bug for what you're trying to do, an upgrade might help.

Have fun, Merry Christmas!

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Thanks to all. I was able to get an older but working mini-laptop that just has wifi issues. I'm planning to connect via ethernet, install the software & drivers & leave it by the tree. Then I'll do work on my pc & just copy the sequences over via jump drive.

Kids are interested in "helping" make up some shows - should be interesting :)

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