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E681 and E1.31 questions


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I have an E681, I switched over from LSP to LOR this year because of the superstar sequencer. I am using some of Brian's sequences and some of my own. Superstar sequencer makes CCR's, I made a blank sequence of my display with 6 normal LOR controllers and 12 CCR's. I then copied and pasted the CCR sequence into my blank sequence and renamed it to the song name. Nothing outputs to my pixels. I am guessing no data is being sent to them because of the CCR's listed in my sequence. How do I go about changing everything so it outputs the commands to my pixels?

I have set Network settings in the advanced tab to E1.31 multicast.

The listener has 4 DMX universes found.

Also do I need to go through a router or can I just plug the Cat 5 cable directly into my computer?

I ran a test sequence through the webserver and all but one strings works correctly. I am using WS2811 strips. I will have to recheck my connections as I had to add some wire to get to the E681. How ever when I do test pattern one, string 1 of cluster 2 is out string 2 cluster two is green, string 3 cluster 2 green, all other strings were blue. If I change it to the test pattern where all are blue those two strings were green. Test pattern for red all were red.

I am not sure if it is because that first string on the cluster is out that is causing the other two to show up a different color.

Anyway my biggest concern is am I setting something up wrong in the LOR sequencer first.

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I fixed the forth string it was a lose wire on the data line, but I am still getting the mix up of colors on cluster 2.

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Not all RGB LED's are RGB. Some are GBR BRG BGR GRB and GRRRRRRR!!!!

One great feature of the E68x is to change the config of the strings to match RGB in the sequencer.

As far as your no lights output there are dozens of "Control Lights" button questions if you don't have a LOR dongle connected.

Make sure your DMX channels are assigned the same as your E68x is configured.

Good Luck


And make sure you have the test pattern set to 0 before you try and control the lights.

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Thanks for the reply, I believe my issue is in my sequence the I just copied and pasted the superstar sequence into my blank, so it shows I have 12 CCR's. What is the best way to change the CCR controller into a DMX controller. Or which is the best method to make get the CCR sequence into a DMX sequence?

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I did and I actually made a guide and sent it to Brian, he will have it posted on his website in a few days, I also made a post in the S3 forum with the guide details in another post who was asking the same thing.


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