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Now I have first hand experience of where the phrase comes from

Brad Ford

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Well, I know I haven't been doing this for a real long time or anything but I had an experience with "bug in the the system". Last night I had a channel slowly start coming on even though I had no data cables hooked up or anything. It flickered to about 50 percent then just stuck there. When I use the hardware utility I can get the lights to come on at 100percent but when I turn it back off it only goes down to about half power. Upon further investigation I found a literal bug in the controller. He was walking around in there and crossed 2 "legs" of one of the components on channel 4. He was fried! LOL I removed him but the channel still won't work. I did a reset and it still doesn't work. My question is did my little buddy fry more than himself? LOL

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