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Hi Everyone

Over the past 3 months Alot of people has helped me on here and i want to say thankyou...

I have a big problem now my computer crashed and i lost everything i had 8 songs that were complete and ready for my setup which my setup is just about done , My PC crashed on sunday after my daughter downloaded a game on the net and all went bad from there , my wife reinstalled windows and everything seems to be working great now but i had invested somuch time into the Sequences for my setup i used alot from on here pieces of this one and that one ...

This was my first year doing it and i only had 16 channels and i lost everything my music and sequences and was wondering if anybody could help me out with anything because i was going to start my show this weekend and have nothing to go on right now...Here is a video of my Visualizer that i put on youtube of my house setup that i had 10 channels on the house running it and not counting anything in the yard....that miight help on sequences if anybody has any to share that would go with what i am doing...here is the video...please if anybody can help again thankyou in advance.....my email is buyfromus724@yahoo.com


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