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'Loraxe' program


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I have written a weird little specialized utility program in C#, and anyone who would like a copy is welcome to it. Email me at: forums at drwiz dot net.

Basically, I have a number of channels that are controlling things that should always be either fully on, or off. No shimmer, twinkle, or dimming. Things like Neon and LEDs on solid-state power supplies, small motors, etc.

When creating my own sequences from scratch, that's not a problem. I just keep that in mind as I do it. But I am taking a lot of sequences created by other authors and adapting them for my own display. So I have to make sure those certain channels are always either on, or off in those sequences.

To use the utility, you enter a list of special channels, then choose a .lms sequence file, and it will parse thru the file and change all shimmers and twinkles to on, and change all dims and ramps under 50% to off, and all dims and ramps over 50% to on.

Source code (in C# for Visual Studio 2010, .Net Framework 4.0) is also available for anyone who would like to adapt it for another purpose.

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