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having a strange dmx issue

kelly jett

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hey lor and dmx gurus with alot more knowledge than i,

guys here's my deal. i recently bought some floods from seasonal entertainment. all of the floods and connections are as required per greg at seasonal. i created a short sequence with a few little effects for the floods to do(color fades, solid colors for a few seconds and a few chases). i don't need to do nothing fancy and i'm not sequencing them to music. my customer only wants them to blink and look pretty this year.

well i turn on seq editor and open my sequence, then i open control panel and the system finds the raw dmx adapter and the lights start blinking randomly and as long as the control panel is open they continue for no reason. if i unload the control panel then the lights go off.

i have usb485 from the computer to a lor/dmx dongle from seasonal to cat 5 to the floods.

i have the advanced version of the software and control lights chosen in the seq editor but can't figure out why they are going crazy when i tell them to talk to the software.

any ideas. i've tried restarting lor, turning off and on the control panel, i've unplugged the floods and tried again and still haven't had any luck.

i know these floods have been out since 2010 and i know alot of folks have them. hopefully someone has had the same issue i have and can help me out.

the funny thing is is my sequence is very simple. i have a few floods and a lor controller so only 20 channels total. the lor controller is running the lights no problem but the floods aren't listening.

thanks again for all the great folks on the boards. i know i can get an answer from the experts.

and to everyone who hasn't had their turkey and are watching the football game on the couch with your eyes closed, i hope everyone had a blessed and enjoyable turkey day with their family and friends.

thanks again for all your help

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hey guys,

anybody have any ideas?

rainbow floods connected right, lor set-up right, turn on control panel and lights blink for no apparent reason.

anybody have any direction on how to fix this?


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How did you sequence the floods. I read that you have a few, to me that means at least 3 so that would require 9 channels. Those 9 Ch are 1/2 of what you have to use.

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yes i cam using a lor/dmx dongle. we first thought it was that so i got another one and its acting the same way.

i have 9 floods all together but all i've done so far is tried to set-up 1 flood and get it to work and then build from there.

i have it set-up as an rgb channel and dmx in the network preferences and for some reason it's not responding right. when i play the seq. (about 30sec) the light continues to blink but doesn't follow the seq.

i have the seq setup with lor and dmx and the lor works fine but the dmx doesn't

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well i figured it out......i was loading lor onto a laptop for a show at our christmas walk. lor loaded fine and i loaded the driver for the usb adapter. i thought i would try a short seq to see if i could figure out what was wrong and all of the sudden the flood started working. the colors weren't right but it was changing when it was supposed to. i changed the address on the unit and made sure that it matched what was set up on lor and it worked like it should.

i should have know that all the problem was going to be something simple.

i updated to the latest driver for the usb and it corrected the problem.

lesson most definately learned.

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