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need help from italy!

flashato italy

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my name is Stefan, and i write from italy,

so, pls, excuse my anglish not too much correct.

Hope someone can help me...

I installed the s3 software in my home pc to prepare the sequence, and work, grat, control light, etc etc

My idea is use the portable pc to control the light show during the christmas time.

So, i installed the s3 software on the pc...

and, not work, i receive this error : error creating new animation... and not only this, error come out every team try to open any kind of sequence, musical or not.

So, hoping to explain me, is impossible to open an existing simple sequence or creating a new one, at the moment of open the window whit the grid the program goin in error and nothing more is possible to do.

So, I thinked at bad installation, so, removed and reinstalled, same thing, so, i'll tryed to install the preious version, same thing.

I also tryed two other pc, the same thing.

the pc where the program work good have the win 7 installed, all the other pc where not working have win xp.

cecked, also, the win player, and in all the pc are the 11 version, also the hardware seems perfect for what is


Finally, another strange things...if use the consol i control all 16 channels whitout any kind of problem.

I past all night to try to fix this issue...

pls, someone help me ?

tks a lot in adv!

stefano, Florence,italy

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