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Show is set to open to a large crowd 16 hours from now, and I'm having a problem. I have 7 CTB16PC controllers and 1 1602 controller. Are there any issues with using them all together. I assigned them all different unit ID's, with my ctb numbering 1-7 and the 1602 as my unit #8.

It will hook up and test great, but once I started running my show, the 1602 (unit 8) changes to unit 1 and interferes. I now have two boxes running as unit #1, and obviously messing up the show.

Any known problems with this, or fixes to the configuration?

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving fellow LOR's!

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They should be working fine together as I understand it.

This is a guess as I don't have any 1602s, but as I recall, the 1602 has dial switches to set the unit ID. I'm wondering if the switches are set to unit 01 and maybe you set it to 08 with the hardware utility. When the unit powers up it reads the dial switches and changes to 01. Again, this is purely a guess, but I seem to remember seeing something like that on units that have unit setting dial switches.

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Great guess! I referred to the manual after reading your post, and that is exactly it. I didn't buy this 1602, it was given to me, and I had to send it in for repair, but never took the time to read up on it, as I would have if I purchased it.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for the response!

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