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Because You Asked

George Simmons

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george great job.

i'm only at 48 channels this year but you've given some ideas to try next year. love the face on the house.

thanks for all your creativity.

this is one more example about how this hobby is as crazy as you want it to be.

keep up the good work

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That is so fun! There is so much to look at and appreciate the attention to detail! I can watch this video over and over - I can't imagine how impressive it is in person!!! (Might become a pilgrimage/bucket list destination for me someday!)

Thank you for sharing all of your hard work and hours of time!!

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You've got a segment out on the third arch from the left. :P

And that was so freaking amazing I can't stand it. AWESOME.

Along with section 4 and 9 of the third pole, an 18" section of the green ropelight house tree, and a segment of a spinner on Ricks house. Can't wait until the incans are gone completely.

Looks great George, like always. Really like what you did with the garage.

Thanks - that's the major upgrade for this year, along with the matrix and wrapping the driveway trees. Sure did add quite a bit to the brightness.

Fantastic George! Spot on sequencing and great music choice.............but what else would we expect from your talents.......Great job

MY talents? There's this guy I know of in Idaho who also does a kick-ass job...

As much of a Star Trek fan as I am, it took a sequencing client to turn me on to the song. Personally, I can't get enough of seeing it live - I've even put it in tonight's show multiple times.

To everyone else - thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to share them with me. Hopefully, I'll be adding more vids soon. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's.

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Very nice George....truly amazing! And I'm a big Star Trek fan so great song choice. Every time I run across the original series on tv and have to watch it even though I probably seen the episode a hundred times.

Every time the crew would beam down to a new world...the guy wearing the red shirt always bought the farm. lol

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