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Let's see how many are using 48 channels


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My first year (Haven't even gotten my controllers yet, due on 11/27/12) I have had a few very helpful generous folks send me a few sequences. I am very thankful for any 48 channel Christmas sequences.

How many other first year folks here with 48 channels?

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I'm closer to 4,800 channels. I could still share some sequences though, if you'd like.... :)

WOW! I wouldn't even know where to begin shaving 4,800 channels down to 48, but TY very much for the offer!

I have 48 channels total. I have a 24 channel Mega Spiral Tree 3 colors( Red, Blue & Green) 8 channels each, Red on all ridges and outline of roof 1 Channel, White icicles 1 Channel, 4 sets of snow flakes on roof each its own channel, 2 blue channels on two windows, 5 bushes each its own channel 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 white, 2 purple. The two purple on each end. I real tree small one 7 feet tall wrapped in white, 1 blowup Santa with spot light as a channel, 1 solid Santa, 1 Reindeer, 1 soldier and 7 24" white mini trees.

​I would greatly appreciate anything someone would share that might fit this layout.

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First year with 48 channels here. So far, 3 (and maybe 4) controllers seems about perfect for the size of display I'm doing.

We got everything but the mega tree set up last night, and it's looking amazing!

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I have 48 channels + smart pixels

the 48 channels run:

1 channel for icicles

1 channel for upper eve

1 channel for lower eve

1 channel for garage door

4 channels for bushes

4 channels for mini trees

4 channels for candy canes

8 channels for mega tree

12 channels for singing snow man

5 channels for yard border

3 channels for rudolf

Then I have smart pixels lining the roof edges

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first year 48 channels

16 channel mega tree (red & white)

8 channel mini trees

16 channel arches (2x8)

8 channels

= roof, icicles, spots, wreaths, star, etc

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I'm Jo from Belgium and just started with LOR, ordered 3 controllers last october so 48 channels


4 leaping arches with each 7 channels

1 not so big mega tree with 8 channels

1 pole or fire stick with 6 channels

5 window frames each 1 channel

1 free channel

here are some links were you can see my very first attemps to sequence some music:

any comments would greatly be appreciated and can be sent to jo@dedijk.be

very best regards


PS sorry for my bad english speaking and writing but I did my very bet to make as less mistakes as possible

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