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Just finished my first CBT16pcv1 kit....plugged in the power, set the unit ID...plugged in some lights and.....IT WORKED!!! Tested chases..OK, Tested Twinkling..OK, Tested Shimmer...OK. Tested Fades...works with Incans, but not with the LEDs I have.

Thought it was odd that there is no "on/off' power switch though???

So, I'll have 32 channels this year... small compared to lots of you out there, but I think plenty for me.... although another 16 channels........


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It is very rewarding to start with a pile of parts and eventually create a show. We started with two kits about a month ago and have had our show going about four days now. We underestimated the amount of time this all takes but have still loved every minute of it. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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It is rewarding to put the kits together. This kit is an add on to my LOR 1602. Brings me up to 32 channels. I bought the kit back in 2010, but just got around to it's assembly. I was pretty creative with just 16 channels and put together some nice shows for the neighbors to enjoy. Now with another 16 channels..........

BTW one of the best improvements I made was getting an FM transmitter. That really made a difference in the enjoyment of the lookers. I still use outside speakers for the walkers, but they were at a low volume to appease the neighbors. Now those in their cars stop, look, and listen...and don't have to leave the comfort of their cars.

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