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What is "LOR Windows Showtime software"?

Denise Nelson

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I own the LOR Sequence Editor (v3.8) Advanced with the Visualizer, SuperStar, etc that comes with software. I have just started reading the Cosmic Color Floods User Manual ( page 6, under Assigning a Unit ID/DMX Address) and it states "If you have not installed the Light-O-Rama Windows Showtime Software, do it now." :huh:

:unsure: Is this a distinctly different software from the Sequence Editor, or is it one-in-the-same just with a different name?

OR is it named differently in the Sequence Editor software package with SuperStar? :blink: I am sooo confused at this point. I looked at all of the software components that came with the Sequence Editor, but could not find that exact name on the lists...

Please let me know what exactly is the "Windows Showtime Software" and if it exists, where can I find it? If I already have it, under what name and where.

Thank you sooo much in advance. :wub:

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


Abby Normal :ph34r:

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The Sequence Editor, the Visualizer, etc are all part of a suite of programs. That entire suite of programs is called 'The LOR Windows Showtime Software'.

Around these parts, we call it by it's short name -- S3, That's because it's the 3rd major version of the software. (The last big version was S2)

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