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RGB sequence request - 'all color' fade?


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Hey all!!

Apparently the search function doesn't work on the forums?? So my applolgies if this has been posted before.

Here's the deal... I have 4 basic/dumb 3 channel RGB floodlights that light the front of my house. I would like an effect where all the colors of the rainbow start on the left side of the house, and then move across from left to right So basically, I need a 3 channed RGB sequence that fades one floodlight through its spectrum of colors, and then I can copy it to the other lights with staggered timing.

Hopefully that makes sense?? Any help would be appreciated!!


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If you built a color fade on your first channel, then used the chase command to go to the others, you would achieve the effect.

Create your fade. Red, to Green -> White -> Blue (whatever you want.) Then use the Chase Tool to apply that as a "chase" across your floods. The effect will now start at the first flood, and 'chase' to the second one.

You could also use the regular cut/paste commands to copy the effect from the first channel to the other channels.

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