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Fuse Continues To Blow In Lor Showtime Pro Lor1602W


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The fuses in my LOR1602W blows everytime I power up the controller. The amerage of 1-8 is 11A and the amperage of 9-16 is 8A. Last night they were working fine but today I added 12 strands of LED M6 (0.6A) and now I seem to have a problem.

The fuse blows even when I flip the switch to 'on', without the lights even being powered. I have tried the controllers in different outlets and without the LED M6s and the problem is still there. What do you think it could be? The fuse that controls 9-16 will not remove with screw cap like it should. Instead I have to remove the panel and push it out. There is no signs of burns anywhere in the controller and the other two controllers work fine.


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