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Using 2 iDMX1000 controllers together.


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Hoping someone can give me some advice. Our team is programming a fairly large-scale show that is opening tomorrow (11/21/12). We have a fairly robust setup and are trying to program aprox 500 dimmers in 1 DMX universe. We have been having problems with slow (or none at all) responses, and erratic behavior with LOR and the iDMX unit during high-activity, or faster paced parts in our sequences.

It was suggested that we change the unit ID from E0 to E1 and also adjust the network speed in the LOR Network Prefs to "Short Range (Faster)".

These two fixes seemed to help some, but we are still having issues. We happen to have 2 iDMX controllers and would like to experiment with splitting the LOR network into to two. It has been suggested that this may speed things up. For example, have dimmers 1 through 256 on the 1st iDMX unit, and 257-512 on the second.

I'm not not sure how to configure this on the software side. Also, I assume that the 1 usb connection will work, but that we will have to run an additional CAT 5e patch cable, and DMX cable to the second iDMX controller.

Any thoughts?



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Try sending anything but a zero on a channel higher than 256 immediately to set iDMX in to a mode ready to work with all 512 more efficiently. I always send a 1 to channel 257 for instance.

I was told last year that the unit is optimized for 256 channels and a buffer backup situation is created before the 257+ channel is sent. When that happens there becomes a sporadic behavior while it tries to catch up.

Let me know if this helps you as it has come up a few times now for others and I don't want to parrot it continuously if it doesn't help.

Good luck!!!

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Wasn't there a channel limit for the iDMX?

"This intelligent device allows access to all 512 channels in a DMX Universe. It also supports 64 intelligent channels that can perform high level LOR controller commands like fades, twinkling and shimmering."

Don't know if this will factor in.

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