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Unit 01 not working with Mini Director

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Started testing tonight and ran into this issue.

Setup: 4pc controllers, ELL with two controllers on each, mini director.

mini connected to unit 01, unit 03, ELL 01, ELL 02, Unit 02, Unit 04.

Unit 01 will not work when using the mini director but works when running sequence through dogle off of computer. all tests on unit 01 by it's self work fine. only when i try to run show using the mini director (unit 01 doesn't work at all).

Anyone have any ideas where to start looking.

maybe a bad SD card. could there be problems with the mini director.

Would like to get some in put before i create a ticket.



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not sure whats going on.

so correction...I have a blue board controller. not sure what to call it b/c i bought if off someone used. the board is blue and has dials to set the unit #.

anyway...so i hooked the mini director to unit 03 (blue board) first then to unit 01, ELL...and so on. Now things work fine.

Thanks for the idea Surf....

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