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Cosmic Color Floods

Jeff F

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Has anyone else received the CCF with cables that are not 20’?

Per LOR and the manual, the CCF comes with 20’ extensions.

The ones I received are not 20’. One is 16’. Even the manual says

20’. In one location I need at least 19'.

So I created a case with LOR and this is the response:

Nov 13.

Wellll. We specified 20 feet with the manufacturer. Looks like you got

five meters. We need to update the store. No extensions are available

at this time.

Nov 19

Extensions are available.

What I find disturbing, is the response from LOR. I’ve always had great results

with LOR and am very happy with the product and the customer service.

(wish other businesses where like them).

I hope this is a rare situation on the response from LOR.

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I didn't measure the cords that came with mine but I was looking for extensions as even the 20 feet was too short ( there was an earlier thread with many looking for extensions). I'm sorry to hear about you coming up short and am really surprised to hear their response to you. They were advertised as 20 feet and if yours are not they should make it right. Normally they stand behind their products.

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The response in the case is what shocked me the most.

I’ve always had great support with LOR and the Cosmic Color

Devises. Mr. Baldwin has always stood behind his product. Wonder

if he is aware of this?

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